Alston Law Limited - Cyber Security Statement

If you receive any communication purporting to be from Alston Law Limited or any of our partners or employees about which you are uncertain or suspicious, please forward it to and we will investigate. Never reply to such e-mails and particularly do not part with money, provide personal or confidential information and do not click on any links in the e-mail.

Please be aware cyber-criminals deliberately target lawyers and their clients, often by attempting to impersonate your lawyer. Be particularly sensitive to the fact that email is not secure and can be intercepted and amended. If you are due to transfer money to Alston Law Limited and have received an e-mail with sort code and account details, then we recommend you call your Alston Law Limited solicitor or contact to corroborate these details. Please use a phone number from our website or terms of engagement letter and not one from the same e-mail as contains the bank account details. We will not change bank account details during the course of a transaction, and we will not pressurise you into transferring large sums of money.

Avoid posting statuses on social media about buying/selling houses, or getting a mortgage, or any other matter that may involve a large financial transaction. Fraudsters monitor social media for this information.

Avoid using public Wi-Fi systems to check e-mails and correspond with Alston Law Limited. Fraudsters can easily hack into vulnerable Wi-Fi systems.

If you use webmail (e.g. hotmail, gmail, etc) then ensure you have a strong password; do not share the same password on different accounts, and definitely switch on two factor authentication (which would alert you, e.g. by SMS text if anyone else attempted to log on to your webmail account).

Alston Law Limited will never attempt to induce anyone to click on links to potentially fraudulent websites, or submit personal information, or to part with money as an upfront payment in order, for example, to release a prize.

For further information on how you can improve online safety behaviour please visit the UK Government's site

Revised: July 2020